I see that once again Haddon Road is collapsing into various sinkholes.

The City has been uselessly screwing around with this street for years. They dig it to install utilities, then re-dig it over and over again to fix them. They apparently do all of this very badly indeed.

Two photos for your viewing pleasure.

One, a sinkhole right next to a grate in the massive fairly new storm sewer under Haddon. That sewer clearly leaks, has water infiltrating, which carries in material, which causes collapse and sinkhole. Everybody not utterly stupid knows that, but when the signs of sinkhole first appeared the City slapped a bit of asphalt on and ignored the underlying problem. The thing is probably 4 feet square and 4 feet deep; dangerous as hell

Two, almost right across the street, a big sunken area with one patch, and Jesus save us, another patch on top. Two loads of civil servant dunderheads still ignoring the problem.

Is the real problem the bottomless incompetence of City staff, or their bottomless featherbedding, screwing up repairs so they can come back over and over again?

20160525_075442 20160525_075505