I see that there is a very bad article supposedly about Calgary Marathon road closures at http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/reminder-of-road-closures-for-sundays-scotiabank-calgary-marathon
It has some quite stupid and basic journalistic mistakes, as follows-
1. no details, little info – journalists, being mostly pig ignorant lefties, and lazy to boot, have still not gotten the idea that the internet is an essentially free distribution system. No print, no ink, no physical delivery. As a result they are still cheese paring cheapskates with data. Where, you pea brained lunatic, are the roads closed? Which roads and for how long.
2. A further result of short articles is less sidebar space for ads.
3. Then the Herald gives a third party link and actually sends a customer away. That’s right you stupid reader, if you really want info, fuck off and go somewhere else for it.
4. Finally, the third party link does not work. The Calgary Marathon site is no doubt small and it is swamped. This does not make the user annoyed at Calgary Marathon, t makes the user righteously annoyed at the incompetent buffoons at the Herald.
I weep for the brilliance of the Herald’s thought process and look forward to the day of their demise.