I see that Ace Bakery is insane.

My wife brought home from the Superstore a loaf of Aces’s Ciabatta, which I have always liked.

By chance I looked at the bag and spotted a fairly prominent “No GMO” note. On closer look I also found a “no genetically engineered ingredients” disclaimer.

If Ace and the Superstore want to suck up to leftist nutjobs, or actually believe this GMO Luddite nutjobbery, that’s their privilege. It’s my privilege to refuse to buy Ace bread, and that’s what I will do.

If one adopts leftist claptrap, one has chosen to side with the enemy, and to hell with them. If Ace thinks the left will ever do anything for them or their business because of this thing they have done, they are crazy. The left will eat them as well as everyone else if it has a chance.