Retailer incompetence

I would like to buy more from Lowes just to keep the dominant Home Depot in check.

But how can I bother when the Lowes website is so incompetent? No cookies, so I have to re-enter my store every single visit. This morning the change store page doesn’t work. One can find the store but there is no way to set it as my store. The search function does not work at all.



Home Depot vs. Rona



Last week I bought all the lit toggle 3-way light switches Home Depot Chinook had. This week they had one small box with 3 of about 8 left, so I cleaned them out again. Meanwhile the empty upper stock shelves were graced with lovely signs saying that the integrity of the stock taking must not be infringed.

Stock taking without stock, sheer brilliance. Does make life easier though.

Too stupid to program a computer to sound an alarm bell when stock moves quickly, or too lazy to force staff to react to the alarm bell?

I thought I’d brave the horror of Rona incompetence and buy some there. They don’t sell them at all. Never heard of them. Too stupid to send someone to Home Depot and note the holes in the shelves and say “Hmmm, that stuff seems to be moving well, it’s all gone, maybe we should sell some too.”

The Calgary Herald: The egregious Lakritz

A column of the usual political correctness and folly from Lakritz. She criticises Jordan Lien for insulting our new Health Minister Sarah Hoffmann for being fat.

She is fat. Lakritz is fat, but apparently not so fat as Hoffman. I am fat but not so fat as either Lakritz or Hoffman.

We are fat because our genetics make us too greedy for food and/or too lazy to exercise. People who steal do so because their genetics make them too greedy for things and/or too lazy to work for them.

It is nonsense to criticize thieves for failing to resist their worst impulses but be unwilling to criticize fatties for failing to resist their worst impulses.

Ah well, “do as I say, not as I do” is as old as the human race. But Hoffman, being a lefty, will no doubt be absurdly self righteous about her forthcoming “do as I say”diktats.

Transit Madness

Take a walk down 12th Street, between 89th and 96th Avenues. You’ll see 6 or 7 signs like this one. I am pretty sure they have been here since 1993. The bases of the signposts are very rusty.

How much did these signs cost? How much money did planners waste “planning” this nonsense?

Another triumph of city planning and the Calgary Transit Stupids.

Completely useless sign

Completely useless sign

@cityofcalgary, communists, fascists

I have just seen the most amazing and astonishing thing from the city of Calgary.  Go to

The City is plotting to buy and/or develop land using a “hide it from the developers” strategy. Are they trying to scam land sellers into taking a low price by excluding developers from the bidding process?  Why does the city want to compete with private business? The city can crush them easily using near infinite tax capital. What business does the City have in prattling about ‘affordable housing’? The business of the city of Calgary is to mind roads, sewers, water pipes and not much else, and certainly to to play fairy godmother.

This is truly appalling. The Project Manager is one Justin Rebello, Office of Land Servicing & Housing,, Tel: 403.268.5413.

Phone him, email him, denounce him and his vile activities.

@CityOfCalgary, traffic messes

I saw a great many people narrowly avoiding accident at the Glenmore Trail – Elbow Drive – Macleod Trail – 5th Street nightmare intersection yesterday, again. I was one of them, trying to get from Northbound Elbow to Northbound 5th.  Crossing over two lanes of aggressive, fast traffic in half a block is not fun.

Getting from 5th Southbound to Glenmore or Macleod is also fun, given the stupid and stupidly placed signs.

How is it possible that the owners of Chinook Centre were not forced to pay for some major traffic fixes when they got their last two expansions? Or did they pay and the City pissed it away?

Ether the City council pols or the City engineers are useless putzes. The entire traffic mess around Chinook Centre is 100%, entirely, totally, the fault of the City of Calgary.

Heads should roll, but they won’t.


I see the new Marquee restaurant on Macleod Trail is open. Excellent service, a good draught beer selection, maybe a little light on traditional Euro imports, but very nice to see the support for smaller breweries.

However, Calgary restauranteurs and/or customers are still dull nebbishes as far as food goes. Burgers? Burgers? Blaaagh. Nachos? You expect me to go out and pay for nacho chips with cheese glop? Poutine? Wow, that’s imaginative.

I cannot comment on the quality of the food as I didn’t try it, and never will. I can tolerate this kind of stuff in a low dive kind of pub, where it’s appropriate and often well done. Marquee has pretensions of being  a higher end operation, and its drab menu selections are disappointing.